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Integrity Building Sales BBB Business Review

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Definition of Integrity: Adherence to the highest code of ethics!!

In an era of skepticism as well as cynicism towards our most cherished institutions, Integrity Building Sales continually shows the public that old fashion values such as treating everyone the way one wants to be treated is still ALIVE and WELL. The key principals of IBS Sales realize we are all ONE; therefore, have made a concerted effort to present a program that reflects this realization. Instead of following industry protocol of attempting to get the highest possible price, IBS transparently posts and quotes its ACTUAL COST for all ready-to-buy now customers.

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Manufacturer is IAS Accredited and MBMA Member

All of Factory Steel Overstock steel buildings are purchased from a manufacturer that has been established over 55 years.  It is IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited and is an MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) member.  This assures a customer of the quality control of design and material used.


26 Gauge Sheeting – Available 24 Gauge

26 gauge sheeting is quite standard in the I-beam steel building industry.  Upon request, Factory Steel Overstock can offer a thicker 24 gauge for a modest increase in price.


PBR Sheeting Profile (Purlin bearing Rib)

PBR panels –larger overlap than R panels.  Some firms utilize an R panel for their roof sheets.


Fully Flashed Framed Openings

This feature truly enhances a steel building.  It simply means the trim is wrapped around the framed opening where you are unable to see the red-iron frames.


40 year paint warranty

Customer can rest assured their building will maintain its color finish appearance with our 40 year paint warranty. The industry standard is 20 to 25 years.


Solid I-beams

Some firms have elected to use a back to back Cezz-cheaper form of construction- instead of I-beam for metal buildings widths 40’ and less.  This weaker design increases concrete cost as well as causes screws to loosen in time.


Trim with a Profile

Profile trim enhances a building's appearance.  Some firms offer a standard bent piece of flat stock that is visually unappealing.


Base Closures

This feature seals your building from rain or rodents entering. This feature is inexpensive and should be given as a standard inclusion; however some firms look for means to add more profit for themselves by not including this item.


Long Life Fasteners

A building’s integrity is secured by the quality of its fastener.


Free Certified Plans & Calculations

Quite often companies charge $250 to $500 for certified plans and/or calculations.  If these items are requested with initial order, they are free with Factory Steel Overstock.


3 Week Guaranteed Delivery

There are times when you simply want your steel building delivered quickly.  We offer a guaranteed delivery for an additional $500.  The industry does not offer this option.


Guaranteed $500 Savings

Factory Steel Overstock guarantees a $500 savings for all metal buildings 40’x60’x14’ and larger of equal specifications.  Plus, FSO gives our customers one additional feature more than any other offer received.


Customers Are Informed Of True Cost

Actual cost means price before profit is added.  Customers chose one of the three savings available saving options.

Integrity Building Sales BBB Business Review

Why Utilize Integrity Building Sales


No Upfront Cost! Integrity Building Sales posts and quotes its ‘actual’ wholesale cost FIRST for FREE!


You choose the profit amount to be added to IBS ‘actual’ cost.  Customer pays profit by close of business day.


Certified plans are completed in 10 -14 days. Standard building delivery in 8 weeks. Available 3 week building delivery.


IBS has been established since 2010 and maintains an A+ BBB grade. Major manufacturer is IAS certified and MBMA member.


Pay your deposit directly to certified manufacturer, not a broker! Quotes are guaranteed $500 below market quotes (40x60x14 and larger). Average savings $3,250!