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OPTION A: BLOWOUT Deals - Pay only $500 Above Cost
OPTION B: Price Your Own Deal - Pay $800 Above Cost
OPTION C: We Quote - Pay 10% Above Cost

To Keep Our Prices At Cost, We Can Only Formally Quote Ready Buyers

Definition of Integrity: Adherence to the highest code of ethics!!

In an era of skepticism as well as cynicism towards our most cherished institutions, Integrity Building Sales continually shows the public that old fashion values such as treating everyone the way one wants to be treated is still ALIVE and WELL. The key principals of IBS Sales realize we are all ONE; therefore, have made a concerted effort to present a program that reflects this realization. Instead of following industry protocol of attempting to get the highest possible price, IBS transparently posts and quotes its ACTUAL COST for all ready-to-buy now customers.

Each customer is given the opportunity to offer what they feel is a fair profit to be added to cost.  Yes, the customers suggest the profit amount!  If the profit amount offered is accepted by IBS, the customer simply pays the profit by close of business day - no exceptions. Those who receive a quote from IBS are guaranteed a minimum of $500 savings (40x60x14 and larger). Average savings is $3,250! There is no upfront fee or hidden cost.

Key Reasons Why To Choose IBS

  1. The general public can utilize IBS's expertise, specialized knowledge and buying leverage to get a certified steel building at a wholesale price without any upfront cost, gimmicks or having to work with commissioned salesmen.
  2. IBS posts its actual cost on over 2,000 wholesale steel building prices along with accessories, roll up doors, insulation and shipping prices SO that the public can SELF-QUOTE a delivered cost in minutes right from the website.
  3. Ready buyers receive a quote of IBS's actual cost. These individuals are allowed to offer what it feels is fair profit for Integrity Building Sales.
  4. Everyone is guaranteed a savings below any recent quote they have received of equal specifications.
  5. Integrity Building Systems has maintained a A+ Better Business Grade and has successfully operated its program since October 26th of 2010.
  6.  The certified manufacturer is IAS (International Accreditation Service) accredited, a MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer  Association) member.

Integrity Building Sales BBB Business Review

Write down your prices. Total up your delivered price.


AFTER you have reviewed Options A and B,  you may request a formal quote (Option C)


Option A: Self Quote from BLOWOUT Deals.  Pay only $500 above cost.


Option B: Self Quote from listed building prices.  Pay only $800 above cost.  Click on links below:

  1. How to Use Site
  2. Steel Building Prices then click on desired model. Then write down price of desired building.
  3. Building Accessories Prices
  4. Roll Up Door Prices
  5. Insulation Prices
  6. Choose Building Color
  7. Add Shipping Cost


Option C: We Quote your building.  Pay only 10% above cost.  Click here for REQUIREMENTS to receive our ACTUAL COST.

  • Integrity Building Sales has an A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), est 2010

  • We post and quote our true cost

  • You control Profit Added by choosing Option A, B or C

  • Everyone is guaranteed a savings PLUS one additional feature above any other offer

  • Your integrity sustains our program

    ***PLEASE REFRAIN from requesting IBS to quote its actual cost if you are not prepared to pay accepted profit amount by CLOSE OF BUSINESS DAY*** 

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Why Utilize Integrity Building Sales


No Upfront Cost! Integrity Building Sales posts and quotes its ‘actual’ wholesale cost FIRST for FREE!


You choose the profit amount to be added to IBS ‘actual’ cost.  Customer pays profit by close of business day.


Certified plans are completed in 10 -14 days. Standard building delivery in 8 weeks. Available 3 week building delivery.


IBS has been established since 2010 and maintains an A+ BBB grade. Major manufacturer is IAS certified and MBMA member.


Pay your deposit directly to certified manufacturer, not a broker! Quotes are guaranteed $500 below market quotes (40x60x14 and larger). Average savings $3,250!