30' x 50' x 12' ----- $ 9,028
40' x 60' x 12' ----- $ 12,530
40' x 80' x 14' ----- $ 16,476
50' x 100' x 16' ----- $ 25,576

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Steel Building Broker or   Salesperson?

Most people don’t know the objective difference between a steel building salesman and a steel building broker. The average consumer considers them one in the same; however, there is a dramatic difference.

A traditional salesman primarily makes their income based on how much profit they are able to acquire above the actual wholesale cost of the steel building. Therefore, their incentive is to acquire the highest possible profit.

In most cases, the salesman must get permission from a superior or manager to adjust any significant terms or pricing rates.  In addition, a salesman may or may not have significant experience or specialized knowledge.

steel building broker

Guaranteed Savings With A Broker

A typical steel building broker has expertise, specialized knowledge and tremendous buying power that a consumer simply does not.  A true broker can guarantee a savings.

Most established brokers order numerous steel buildings monthly.  Therefore, the broker is an important income source to a conglomerate, whereas an individual consumer is merely a speck in the big picture to a conglomerate or salesmen.

The broker's (Integrity Building Sales) buying leverage secures the lowest prices and these reduced rates  are fully passed down the consumer.

The concept of utilizing Integrity Building Sales is quite simple:  You are not a professional steel building buyer, so why go up against an experienced steel building salesman or institution alone. Their goal is to achieve the highest possible profit margin. With the confusion of steel building materials, codes, plans, and the hurried, jargon – filled nature of traditional sales, it best to use a source that equally wins when you win! As a matter of fact, the only profit IBS gains is predetermined by the savings option you choose upfront. Consequently, it behooves IBS to present you with the lowest possible steel building price.

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Integrity Building Sales has NO upfront Fee



A steel building broker traditionally charges you on a flat-fee basis, agreed to before purchase.  What makes IBS unique is that it ELECTS NOT TO CHARGE YOU A FLAT-FEE UPFRONT. On the contrary, you only pay chosen profit amount after a verified proposal is received by you.  You are informed of IBS' actual cost and your savings amount before spending a dime! The only requirement asked of you is to promise to pay the flat fee immediately AFTER IBS emails the bid verifying a savings. THE PERFECT PROGRAM!



Countless buyers have told us verbally or in writing that they saved hundred to thousands of dollars below the “best price” offered by steel building salesmen. Quite often these customers found our website right before they signed the contract - and surprisingly  saw the same building offered cheaper without any hassles or pressure with us.

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The value of a good steel building broker (Integrity Building Sales) is:

  • We can protect the consumer from the games that are played by some steel building salesmen.
  • The consumer doesn’t have to review numerous random bids and companies while trying to find a good deal.
  • The consumer enjoys the discounts from IBS' buying leverage and relationship with the manufacturer.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you” - Jim Rohn