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Steel Building Accessories

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Commercial Walk Doors

steel building accessories - commercial walk-in door

Description: Complete knock-down door kit with steel frame, header and jamb trim, threshold and heavy duty lock set.

***Purchasing local for HIGH WIND RATED doors is recommended.  IBS will give walk door framing kit plus additional 3x3 insulated window IN LIEU OF Walk Door for 150 mph wind Option A - PACKAGES since pre-assembled door order is required by manufacturer (prices of pre-assembled doors are not posted here).

Commercial Walk Doors - Steel Building Accessories

3 x 7 walk door for steel building
3 x 7
4 x 7 walk door for metal building
4 x 7
6 x 7 walk door for metal building
6 x 7

Commercial Windows

Commercial Window

Description: Framed Sliding Windows wth Screen

Commercial Windows - Steel Building Accessories




Description: Translucent panels allow natural light into the building. Min building width 40 ft.

Skylight Price

3' x 10'8"/ 3" x 11'3' x 10'8"/ $1163" x 11'/ $232

Ridge Vents, Louvers & Circular Vents

Ridge Vents, Louvers & Circular Vents

Description: An accessory that allows air to pass through.


Louvers are available in the following sizes: 2′ x 2′, 3′ x 2′, 3′ x 3′, 4′x 3′, 3′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, and 5′ x 4′. All louvers are self-mulling, self-flashing, and self-framing. No other trim is required. All louvers are available to match your wall finish and color. They are provided with 18-16 aluminum mesh installed in a removable frame. Standard-Duty louvers are 26 gauge construction. Heavy-Duty louvers have an 18 gauge frame with 20 gauge blades. Fixed louvers feature roll-formed blades, fixed at a 45 degree angle. Adjustable louvers come with a reinforced cast aluminum hand crank to operate the blades.

Ridge Vents, Louvers, Circular Vents Prices


Framed Openings:

Description: This accessory is used to open portions of a wall.


Walk door and window framed openings

  • Pre-designed framed openings are not required for walk doors - unless in high wind area.

Overhead/Roll Up Door framed openings

  • 1 FREE Overhead/Roll Up Door Fully Flashed Framed Opening is  INCLUDED with metal building purchase.
Costs Related to Framed OpeningsPrices
Walk Doors/Windows Framed Opening$200
Overhead/Rollup Door Framed Opening$300
Overhead/Rollup Door Flashing$105



Roll Up Door Opening: Covers jambs so that no red iron is visible.

Additional Bracing (Portal Frame) if Required

  •  If there is no space remaining for X bracing to be placed on an end-wall or a sidewall, add $650 to cost for every wall fully utilized by your openings locations.

Gutters & Downs

Gutters and downs protect your building as well as enhances the buildings appearance. The price must be quoted by representative of Factory Steel Overstock.

Building SizeGutter & Down PriceNorthern Ice Required for 40+ lb snow
50'x100'x16'$1,149 $1,376
60'100'x20'$1,335 $1,548
100'x150'x16'$1,845 $2,212

Integrity Building Sales is glad to be able to offer its accessories at prices the general public can afford. Many companies dramatically mark up their accessories...with IBS everything is wholesale to our customers.

4' Wainscot

Beautify the exterior of your steel building with 4' wainscot sold at our cost from the supplier

wainscot for metal buildings


We have a reliable resource for providing foundation engineering services now.  If you need foundation plans for the following states, please inquire: WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, AZ, WY, UT, CO and NE.

The typical foundation design will have a fee of $1000, $200 of which will be paid to IBS, and $800 to the foundation engineer.

A typical foundation design consists of the following:

  •         Slab on grade construction
  •         Monolithic foundation with full slab, spread footings or drilled piers
  •         Single story building with spans up to 70’-0”
  •         Building site with non-expansive soils
  •         No pier only foundations

If your foundation design requires more than what has been stipulated below, the engineer will have to custom quote.

Integrity Building Sales is committed to saving every customer money without compromising on quality. This is true even for our steel building accessories when they are purchased at the time you place the order for your steel building. IBS is able to accomplish this goal by informing all prepared buyers what its actual cost is. This means the general public is informed of the wholesale cost before profit is added.

IBS is confident that it will attract individuals who possess the consciousness to appreciate the transparent program.  Buyer and Seller become ONE.


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