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There are 2000 metal building kit prices posted on this website to assist everyone. Please ONLY request a quote if  you are prepared to pay  profit by the close of business day AFTER Integrity Building Sales presents its 'ACTUAL' cost. Actual cost means -price before profit has been added.

All metal building kit prices are guaranteed $500 below other comparable quotes (40'x60'x14' and larger) Average savings $3,250! Questions call 1-800-593-4012

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AFTER you have reviewed Options A and B,  you may request a formal quote (Option C)


Option A: Self Quote from BLOWOUT Deals.  Pay only $500 above cost.


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Option C: We Quote your building.  Pay only 10% above cost.  Click here for REQUIREMENTS to receive our ACTUAL COST.

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searching for steel buildings

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Why Utilize Integrity Building Sales


No Upfront Cost! Integrity Building Sales posts and quotes its ‘actual’ wholesale cost FIRST for FREE!


You choose the profit amount to be added to IBS ‘actual’ cost.  Customer pays profit by close of business day.


Certified plans are completed in 10 -14 days. Standard building delivery in 8 weeks. Available 3 week building delivery.


IBS has been established since 2010 and maintains an A+ BBB grade. Major manufacturer is IAS certified and MBMA member.


Pay your deposit directly to certified manufacturer, not a broker! Quotes are guaranteed $500 below market quotes (40x60x14 and larger). Average savings $3,250!