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The Public Chooses The Profit % Added.

Please review PROGRAM REQUIREMENT page before requesting a quote. Your readiness to buy enables IBS to guarantee a savings.

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Sign Contract 

Pay Deposit to Manufacturer

steel building contract

Sign Contract,  and send building deposit to supplier.

Integrity Building Sales has a transparent program where the public is informed of actual cost and chooses an Option A - BUILDING PACKAGE, OR Option B - BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE, SUBMITS online ORDER FORM and PAYS their recommended PROFIT AMOUNT. Option C - Custom Quotes are for Ready Buyers who are prepared to offer profit amount and pay same day of received quote.  The customer then receives a contract, terms, sketches and specification sheet.  Then signs required documents.  The buyer pays building deposit directly to the certified manufacturer, not a broker.  Total Transparency!

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Receive Order Acknowledgment Email with:

Job # 

Date of Plan Completion

customer acknowledging steel building order

Order Acknowledgement email

You receive an email with Job# within approximately 2 weeks of contract date.  An Order Acknowledgment Letter will be emailed approximately 2-3 weeks of contract date, with an approximate date of plan completion.  Plans are sent from supplier approximately 3 weeks from received building deposit.  Also, you are informed of the estimated week that your building will be loaded for delivery.  At this time buildings are being delivered approximately 6-8 weeks.

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Receive via Federal Express:

2 Sets of Anchor Bolt Settings (stamped)

1 Letter of Certification

sign contract for steel building order

Certified Plans

All customers receive 2 FREE sets certified stamped anchor plans as well as a letter of certification that they can bring to their local building department. Plans arrive approximately 3 weeks from supplier receiving your building deposit.

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Receive Email Confirming:

Delivery Date

Balance Owed

customer reviewing order

Delivery Date and Balances Due

Customers are emailed a letter with Shipping Notice and Balances Due approximately 2 weeks prior to expected building delivery date so that all outside supply orders may be filled and coordinated with building delivery.

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Receive Delivery of:

Building Materials

Inventory Sheet 

2 Sets of Erection Plans


steel building shipping cost


Building materials are delivered at 8 a.m. on weekdays only.  A customer will receive a bill of  label (inventory sheet) and 2 sets of stamped erection plans with the load. It is the customer's responsibility to have a 2-ton all-terrain forklift present to unload building materials.


forklift for steel building unloading forklift for steel building unloading