30' x 50' x 12' ----- $ 9,028
40' x 60' x 12' ----- $ 12,530
40' x 80' x 14' ----- $ 16,476
50' x 100' x 16' ----- $ 25,576

4000 Metal Building Prices Posted
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Steel Building Prices


Option B:  Price Your Own Deal

Integrity Building Sales has listed 4000 prefab steel building prices.  It has also posted roll up doors, accessories, insulation, and shipping prices.  In just a few minutes, you can add up your total delivered cost.  If you choose this Option, you pay $850 above Integrity Building Sales actual cost, $1,500 for buildings listed on BIG Building models page.

In order to receive a formal proposal, you must be willing to pay the $850 processing fee by close of business day.

Directions for Option B:calculate your steel building price

  1. Click on Metal Building Prices then click on desired model. Write down MODEL, SIZE and PRICE of desired building.  Choose snow/wind code which is the best match.  Actual codes will be revealed when our representative re-calculates building with your ZIP code.
  2. Choose Accessories and write down prices.
  3. Select Roll Up Doors and make note of series, size, quantity and prices.
  4. Choose Insulation and make note of type, sizes, and prices.
  5. Select Building Color
  6. Add Shipping Cost and write down estimate.
  7. Submit online QUOTE request.  Write in all details pertaining to your order.

*** If you require addition pricing not found on the website, or if you don't find your exact size building posted, please find the closest size for the approximate price, and move to Option C for a Custom Quote.

IBS quotes sizes 30x30x10 to 100x300x30.  QUOTES COMPLETED ONLY for those ready to pay processing amount today; $850 due same business day AFTER receiving our quote of confirmed savings. ($1,500 for buildings listed on BIG Building Models page.)

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