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Option A:  Pick one of the BLOWOUT  Deals and Save.

These are our most popular building choices.  Integrity Building Sales has included a wide range of building sizes, as well as accessories with these buildings.  The metal buildings for sale are priced at actual COST.  You can pick any offer and pay only $500 above cost.

Important:  There is no adding or deleting of accessories with Option A.  Your snow/wind code may vary according to codes associated with ZIP code.

Directions:calculate your steel building price

  1. Hover over BLOWOUT DEALS in Menu Bar above and choose the size building you prefer.
  2. Choose from the 4 layouts available.  Write down the price using closest match to snow/wind codes for your location.
  3. Click on Colors to select your preferences.
  4. Click on Shipping to get your estimated cost.
  5. Download Option A Order Form using links posted below OR you may submit online QUOTE.  Fill in all details and prices associated with chosen BLOWOUT DEAL
  6. When you are prepared to pay the $500 profit amount the same day but AFTER receiving a confirmed savings bid from us, send your completed Option A Order Form to:

integritybuildingsalesIBS@gmail.com  OR Fax to : 720-249-0873

Our representative will re-calculate your BLOWOUT DEAL using your ZIP code and will contact you shortly.

***If you do not find the building of your choice listed, please move to Option B.

Questions call 1-800-593-4012

CLICK below for downloadable Order Form.

You may write or type entries.  A SAMPLE is included for your reference:

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See Short Video Tutorial for OPTION A

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