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We Can Only Formally Quote Folks Prepared to Pay Chosen Profit Amount by Close of Business Day

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Metal Buildings for Sale at True COST


Integrity Building Sales has made the buying process easy and enjoyable. Simply choose Option A, B or C, and guarantee yourself a $500 savings below all other offers.


The average person is flabbergasted at this point. They think, "There must be a gimmick somewhere!" No, there are no gimmicks! It is simply how a "conscious" company operates.

Write down your prices. Total up your cost.

Option A

$500 Above True Cost

Option B

$800 Above True Cost

Option C

10%  Above True Cost

Option A:  Pick one of the BLOWOUT  Deals and Save.

These are our most popular building choices.  Integrity Building Sales has included a wide range of building sizes, as well as accessories with these buildings.  The metal buildings for sale are priced at actual COST.  You can pick any offer and pay only $500 above cost.

Important:  There is no adding or deleting of accessories with Option A.

Click to View Video for a Tutorial on Option A

Option B:  Price Your Own Deal

Integrity Building Sales has listed 2000 prefab steel building prices.  It has also posted roll up doors, accessories, insulation, and shipping prices.  In just a few minutes, you can add up your total delivered cost.  If you choose this Option, you pay $800 above Integrity Building Sales actual cost.

When you call, tell our representative your total delivered price.  In order to receive a formal proposal, you must be willing to pay the $800 profit by close of business day.

Click to View Video for a Tutorial on Option b

Let's get started. Click on links below before requesting a quote.


  1. How to Use Site (you are here)
  2. Steel Building Prices then click on desired model. Then write down price of desired building.
  3. Building Accessories Prices
  4. Roll Up Door Prices
  5. Insulation Prices
  6. Choose Building Color
  7. Add Shipping Cost

Add up your total cost.  If you don't find your exact size find the closest size for approximate price.  IBS quotes sizes 30x30x10 to 100x300x30.  QUOTES COMPLETED ONLY for those ready to pay profit amount today.


Option C:    We Quote Your Building

Integrity Building Sales quotes 30x30x10 to 100x300x30.  Everyone prepared to pay 10% profit amount by close of business day is guaranteed the $500 savings PLUS they will receive one added feature more than any other competitor's proposal.  Review the qualifying questions below:

click on Video for a message about Option c

The key questions the representative will ask those requesting quotes:

  1. Have you reviewed one or more market bids? A prepared buyer knows the market rate for their desired building!
  2. Are you prepared to pay 10% profit amount AFTER Integrity Building Sales quotes you a verified savings?
  3. What size building (width, length and height)?
  4. What accessories do you want included with the building (walk doors, windows, skylights, vents, and framed openings)?
  5. Do you want insulation included?
  6. Do you want roll up doors included? Do you want roll up door/s insulated? What location do you want them placed?
  7. What color for walls and trim?
  8. What roof pitch (1:12, 2:12, 3:12 or 4:12)
  9. Do you want building delivered in 3 or 8 weeks?
  10. Are you getting a building permit?

From Order to Delivery:

  • Customer receives and Order Acknowledgement email that has job#, date of plan completion and week building will be loaded on truck for delivery
  • Certified plans are completed in 10-14 days from order
  • Buildings are delivered in 8 weeks. A customer can receive their building in a guaranteed 3 weeks for an additional $500 dollars.

Questions go to FAQ's or call 1-800-593-4012