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Q:  What if fields are not working in Option A or B online pricing forms?

A:  TIPS:  Note that fields must be selected in order from top to bottom and sometimes require a moment to load the next progressive field.

Reload your page if you have jumped back to the top and made a new selection upper fields in order to reset pricing.

You may have aggressive content blockers on your device, or do not have JavaScript enabled.   Please try a mobile phone or another device for alternative try.

Q:  What is Option A, or B?

A:  Option A – are pre-priced building packages with included accessories, and may be ordered directly online!

Option B – Build Your Own package allows you to Estimate your own selection of added accessories.  Move on to Option C – Request a Quote when Ready to Buy.

Q:  Do I have to pay taxes?

A:  Please expect to pay your state taxes to the manufacturer.  The manufacturer will collect taxes when building has been completed. There are only a couple of states were this won’t apply.

Q:  Can I get a different size building than what is posted on website?

A:  Yes.   Integrity Building Sales quotes sizes from 30’x30’x10’ to 100’x500’x30’ to Ready Buyers in Option C – Custom Quote.   In addition, IBS quotes codes from 0 lb. to 100 lb. snow loads and 85 to 160 mph wind speeds.

Q:  Can I add accessories to my order?

A:  OPTION A –  Packages has no changes available in accessories listed as Key Features.

You can put together your own Estimate in OPTION B – You Create Package.   Use Select checklist and correlating accessories drop-downs will appear.

If you require more than what is listed, Ready Buyers may choose to submit OPTION C –  Quote form.

Q:  How do I get a wholesale quote?

A:  First, all pricing in Option A & B are our true wholesale cost from supplier.

For Option C – Custom Quote request form, simply be willing to pay accepted profit amount AFTER receiving a reduced market quote from us. Your cooperation allows Integrity Building Sales to offer true wholesale prices. Ready Buyers listed in the menu and review Buying Options.

Q:  How can I buy if I am not sure my building will meet local codes?

A:  Integrity Building Sales will quote your building based on minimum codes its software program will indicate. These codes should be sufficient for your area; however, please call your local building department to verify requirement.  Make sure required codes are listed on your contract/purchase order.  This way you can be assured that your building will be designed to meet requirements.  All our plans are stamped by a certified engineer matching codes listed on your contract.  If you choose to, you may initiate the building order as Approval status so that your permit authorities can review building plans prior to moving the order into production.

Q:  What makes Integrity Building Sales better than the other steel building firms?

A:  The vast majority of I-beam steel buildings come from only three major manufacturers. Therefore most brokers are offering the same or similar buildings. What separates Integrity Buildings Sales is its marketing approach: The key principals are committed to offering its customers only wholesale prices without compromising on quality.

Q: Why do I have to pay PROFIT within the same day of received quote confirming my savings?

A:  Your commitment to pay accepted profit amount Integrity Building Systems earns on your sale streamlines the selling process and allows IBS to offer these great prices.

Q:  How tall of a building can I have?

A:  I-beam steel buildings are not cost effective above 30′.  Our heights stop at 30′.

Q:  How big of a building can I order?

A:  Call our representative for custom projects beyond the sizes currently provided in online pricing tools for Option A, B and C.

Q:  Do I need a building permit?

A:  It will depend on your building department.  Please contact your local building department for requirements. Most locations will require some kind of permit.

Q:  Where does Integrity Building Systems Deliver to?

A:  Coast to coast.  Delivery is included in the online pricing.   There are currently 5 plants allowing Customer Pick Up – please let our representative know in Option C – Custom Quote that this is your intention.

Q:  Where are Integrity Building Sales Buildings manufactured?

A:  There are 8 factory locations strategically located to save our customers shipping costs.

Q:  How long does it take for delivery?

A:  Delivery time is normally 6-8 weeks.

Q:  How long does it take for my permit plans?

A:  Plans are completed within approximately 3 weeks of supplier receiving your deposit.

Q: What about Foundation plans?

A:  A customer will receive certified anchor bolt plans, erection plans as well as a certification letter. But foundations are not included.

We now have a resource for Foundation Plans, please see information posted on Accessories page.

Q:  Who unloads the building?

A: The end user (customer). Customers need to have an all-terrain forklift available at job site.

Q:  How are balances paid?

A:  Balances are paid 14 days prior to delivery or COD if pre-approved.  Balances are normally wired to manufacturer or paid with certified funds when COD is utilized.

Q: Do you offer erection services?

A:  Not at this time.

Q:  Do I get Anchor Bolts?

A:  Anchor Bolts are NOT supplied by the steel building manufacturer.  These are available with your own foundation work.

You WILL be given anchor bolt settings used to create a template.  These specifications are in the plans you will receive approximately 3 weeks from the supplier receiving your deposit.

Please see our Accessories page for a resource for Foundation Plans engineer.

Q: What is the name of the manufacturer?

A: All our customers are given this information the same day our processing fee/profit amount is received.  Integrity Building Sales allows the customer to send their building deposits directly to the manufacturer. Our program is the most transparent in the industry.

Here is a list of the certifications of the manufacturer:

Associations & Certifications of the manufacturer

Our supplier is recognized as a member of or accredited by the following standards organizations. Our clients can take pride in knowing their structures exceed the rigorous quality standards and guidelines specified by the associations listed below. The wholesale prices given to Factory Steel Overstock have been pass down to the public.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
The MBMA has served as the voice of a large concerned manufacturer base for over 50 years. Founded in 1956, the MBMA requires that all its member companies abide by a strict code of industry standards that create and maintain the highest level of quality.

American Welding Society (AWS)
The AWS, a not-for-profit organization, has worked to continue the developmental efforts of the welding industry since its inception in 1919. The AWS represents and supports extended education from a scientific and technological standpoint in the welding community as well as others closely related: brazing, soldering, and other metal fusion processes.

American Institute of Steel Construction Certified Plant
 An AISC certification means the company in question meets and surpasses industry guidelines concerning durability and performance. The AISC recognizes our supplier as an approved fabricator of structural steel building assemblies.

 Architectural Testing, Inc.
With regional laboratories across the United States, Architectural Testing conducts quarterly inspections of our manufacturer’s facility. The inspections encompass procedural reviews as well as overall compliance with the standards set by the American Welding Society, ensuring safe and secure metal buildings.

Q:  How do I know I am getting the best industry price from you?
A:  If you are not sure, I would suggest you get a few more bids. Please visit our Guaranteed Savings Terms to find out more about getting you under market pricing.

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Guaranteed Savings:

  • Minimum $500 – $1,000 savings – Average savings is 15% below market rates…

  • plus one ADDITIONAL  feature more than any other offer

Our Terms:

  • 40′ x 60′ x 14′ – 80’x 100′ x 14′ with at least 2 roll up doors, roof & wall insulation included – minimum savings $500.

  • 80’x 100′ x 16′ or larger with at least 2 roll up doors, roof & wall insulation included – minimum savings $1,000.

  • Competitor’s quote must be dated within 2 weeks of the current date.

  • Competitor’s quote must be the same size structure, smae specifications, and accessories included as offered by us.

  • Competitor’s quote must be received by us before customer purchases from us.

  • Competitor’s building must be fabricated from an AISC (Amercian Institute of Steel Construction) certified facility in order to compare equal manufacturing standards.

Low Complexity Defined

We specialize in Low Complexity building design orders.

High complexity building quotes are done on a case by case basis.
What is considered Low complexity:

  • Size: 100 x 500 x 30 max, strictly square or rectangular

  • Roof Pitch: 1:12 through 4:12

  • Endwall & Sidewall Extensions with soffits: 1’ – 5’

  • All Snow & Wind Load Codes Available

  • Partitions and accessories (walk doors, windows, skylights, roll up doors, vents and insulation) available.

If you have questions about whether or not your building is Low or High Complexity, please call  1-800-593-4012

The Basics of Steel Building Codes

In summary, you should be familiar with the following codes prior to building purchase:

  • Snow Load/ Wind Speed
  • Wind Exposure, Example: Exposure B or C
  • Governing Code, Example: IBC 2009, 2014 or 2015
  • Current website prices reflect IBC 2015, Wind Exposure B – Call your local building department to confirm your requirements prior to ordering.

Roof Snow Load Codes/ Wind Speed Code

  • On the website, you will select from the Codes listed in the drop-down menus in Option 1, 2 or 3.
  • Please contact your local building department or Google codes for your zip code.
  • Choose codes from our list that meet or exceed your requirements for accuracy in pricing online:

Roof Snow/ Wind Speed

 0  lb. S/L/130 mph  

 0  lb. S/L/150 mph

 4  lb. S/L/115 mph

 20 lb. S/L115 mph

 30 lb. S/L 115 mph

 40 lb. S/L/115 mph

 60 lb. S/L/115 mph

More About Roof Snow Loads – Pound per Square Foot

Typical snow loads in the United States can range from 4  to 60+ lbs per square foot depending on precipitation. Obviously, in warmer climates there are 0 lb minimum snow load requirements, whereas, in colder states where snow and ice hardly have a chance to thaw before the next storm, roof snow loads can be greater than 60 lbs per square foot.  In addition, snow tends to drift and accumulate heavier in some spots than others, which is why snow loads are a factor in addition to the standard dead loads of a building.

More About Wind Codes – Miles per Hour

Wind load is also determined by patterns of climate local to your building site. Wind speed codes range from 0 mph to over 160 mph winds.

Wind, unlike snow, will affect different portions of the building not limited to only the roof.  The wind’s effects on your steel building structure will vary depending on your building design and how it sits on your property.  During the software designing process, strength factors are determined by building height, the size and number of large framed openings, and even the location of those openings.

Wind Exposure

Also in relation to wind is the exposure of your building. Exposure B or C is site-specific.  For example, in gusty areas, your local building department may require Exposure C if there are no windbreaks provided by your surroundings, such as trees or neighboring buildings. Wind exposure also affects how snow tends to drift and accumulate on your building structure.

Contact Your Local Building Department Early for Governing Codes, such as IBC – 2015

While your metal building broker will ask you to confirm these codes per your local building department, the MBS (design and pricing software used by your broker) will recall default minimums when the representative enters your building site ZIP code.  In many occasions, the local building department will ask you for higher than minimum requirements and dictate which building code year governs these specifics. For example, IBC 2015 or NCBC 2014 (International Building Code for year 2015, or North Carolina Building Code for year 2014, etc.)  

In summary, contact your local building department to get specific governing year code, roof snow requirement, wind speed requirement, and the wind exposure requirement specific to your building site address and ZIP code.  

If you want more education regarding other loads your building is designed for, please click to read “What’s Important About Steel Building Codes”  to learn more.