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Please review PROGRAM REQUIREMENT page before requesting a quote. Your readiness to buy enables IBS to guarantee a savings.

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Elite Steel Building Kits

Elite Building – 4:12 Roof Pitch


18″ Purlin Extensions
and Canopies with Soffits *

4′ Wainscot with transition trim *
Gutters & Downs *

40 Yr. Colored Roof Finish Warranty *

1 -Framed Opening Fully Flashed *


Enjoy your steel building at true cost from the manufacturer and choose our profit at Integrity Building Sales.

Option B – Create Your Own Package lets you choose the base building model and add on your own desired accessories.  Choose the roof pitch model from our Standard Models.  Add on rollup doors prices, insulation prices, and any additional accessories posted on the website.  Follow the Option B Steps and quote yourself directly from website steel building prices.

Our Elite Building model is 4:12 roof pitch and already includes 18″ roof extensions fully soffitted.  In addition, it includes 4′ wainscot with transition trim.  This model is beautiful!  With gutters and downspouts, colored roof and 1 fully flashed framed opening already included in the price, you are certain to enjoy your new building.  Shop our Elite Steel Building model and enjoy the ease of planning your steel building project.

At Integrity Building Sales, you get true cost on metal buildings and YOU choose our profit.  What a radical departure from the retail market!  Pay less for metal building barns in any size.  If the pricing for your desired building is not posted on the website, simply fill out the Option C Quote Form.

Our wholesale program is for folks who have studied the market and are prepared to take their purchase to the finish line by paying their chosen profit for us at the time of building order.  This preparedness is what helps us streamline the business and keep prices wholesale to the public.  Folks cooperative and following the protocol of our wholesale steel building program always save the most since they are clear with their desired building order to begin with.  Add ons at later dates are subject to markups in the industry.

Be clear and determined – and pay less for steel building