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Do your steel building prices include installation?

We get this question a lot.  If you’ve been shopping around, you will note how low our prices are in comparison to other bids.  You will be able to detect whether installation charges have been included.  In other words, unless someone is doing the install for free our wholesale steel building prices for the public don’t have any wiggle room for labor costs.

On the other hand, maybe it’s not that obvious that our prices are only the lowest steel building prices.  Other bids from companies can come in all over the place regarding a clear building cost.  Don’t assume that it’s the best deal just because they claim to have included installation.  All too often, key aspects of your building order may have intentionally been left out for the sake of an up-sale later.  Take your time comparing offers and be sure to compare apples-to-apples.

What we recommend most of all is a positive ATTITUDE.

Our optimistic customers seem to have the fewest run-ins with steel building order complications.  In addition to having fewer mishaps, they are able to go with the flow when a missing part or incorrect component comes into the equation during building erection, whether installing themselves or utilizing a recommended crew.  They understand that there are MANY moving parts to the entire steel building fabrication process.  Numerous suppliers feed into the equation and attached to every phase are numerous humans – error is inevitable.  Whether it happens to your order or not, and how YOU handle it is completely your call.

Integrity Building Sales Recommends a Positive Attitude

We will follow your order throughout the process and support with field services during your install.  We encourage customers to remain in communication and to keep us informed of their needs.  With our leverage in the industry, we are able to support you in the process.  Save more AND enjoy the journey!