Consciously Selling Steel Buildings With Integrity

Steel Building Prices Posted And Quoted Are Wholesale Rates

The Public Chooses The Profit % Added.

Please review PROGRAM REQUIREMENT page before requesting a quote. Your readiness to buy enables IBS to guarantee a savings.

Changing the Way You Buy Steel Buildings


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Mom and Pop Steel Building Prices on the Internet

Just as the ol’ mom and pop stores on the corner are being replaced with supercenters, they REALLY haven’t gone away.  Mom and Pop have moved to the internet in order to continue their small operation.  With continued low over-head costs for the company, their website business will serve the same purpose for the public – BIG SAVINGS on steel building prices!

Integrity Building Sales has streamlined the business through the use of the internet and made their shop easy to use.  Steel building prices are posted online for your ease of shopping and transparency of true wholesale prices in the steel building industry.  With this degree of integrity to bring you true cost, they strive to make the program simpler and simpler for the internet not-so-savvy.

Study Steel Building Options and Save

Take your time to check out the steel building packages posted in Option A or put together your own package in Option B.  When you are ready to get true cost on your next metal building purchase, simply SUBMIT the Order Form presented on each building page.  While you may still request a Quote in Option C and have our representative total the cost for you, Integrity Building Sales rewards the Option A or B level by accepting a lower profit amount, generally.

YOU Recommend the Profit on Steel Buildings for Sale

Wait, did I just say the profit is adjustable?  Yes.  YOU get to recommend the profit on your next steel building purchase.  Recommend the fair profit amount that allows a win-win transaction and still be guaranteed savings below all other offers you have received.  At Integrity Building Sales, the customer knows upfront – within a few points of accuracy- the true wholesale cost then recommends the profit on their steel building purchase.  Steel building prices are true cost, regardless of the numerous price increases experienced industry-wide this Spring.

Integrity in the steel building industry is the same good ol’ mom and pop way of running a reputable business.  It’s that simple.