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Minor Steel Building Delivery Delays Due to Steel Tariff Fallout

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Minor Delays in Steel Building Delivery

Well, we all want to hold our breath to see how the steel tariffs will affect the steel building prices and building components.

As Integrity Building Sales remains committed to bringing the public only true cost from our suppliers, we also keep our customer up-to-date when the manufacturers inform us of supply changes that affect customer orders.  At this time, there are cold-form steel shortages.  Cold-form steel provides the secondary components of your steel building.  Your i-beam primary frames count on the secondary purlins, girts, bracing and sheeting to supply lateral support.  Cold-formed components such as these are stronger and lighter form of metal.

Cold-Formed Steel Support Your Primary Frames

Metal sheets are run through rollers without the use of heat.  Parts are pressed into forms that are ultimately stronger than the original sheet.  This process gives the utmost integrity to the support structures of your steel building.  Of course, having a shortage of these components would cause a delay in the production of your pre-fabricated steel building.  They comprise about 50% of the steel building.

Delays are expected at this point, but be patient.  We are certain that it will all come together quite nicely!  Remember that you are already 10 steps ahead of the retail market having purchased at wholesale.  We will keep everyone posted on the most up-to-date information coming straight from the supplier.  We understand the anticipation of having your steel building delivered and all that you must coordinate in having the truck unloaded and building erected.  We will honor that by keeping our customers informed in the most timely manner.

Patience and Confidence in Steel Building Delays

Enjoy the excitement and remain patient with the process.  We continue to appreciate your contribution, cooperation and referrals.  Integrity Building Sales still remains committed to integrity in the steel building industry.  Transparency in pricing and a well-informed customer go hand-in-hand as we remain poised to serving the public best we know how–with integrity.