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Beautify Your Metal Barn with Wainscot Trim

New Wainscot for Your Metal Barnwainscot for metal buildings

Integrity Building Sales is always looking for ways to help you customize your metal barn at true wholesale prices for all included accessories.  Find pricing for wainscot per linear foot to add to the beauty and character of your new metal barn.

Option B allows customers to choose their desired metal barn roof pitch, roll up doors and locations, commercial walk doors and windows.  Also included in our accessories are additional framed openings as desired, vents, gutters, and downspouts.    Option B lists many Metal Building Prices, some with included features, such as roof extensions and wainscot.  These metal building models are all available for our modest $800 processing fee above the posted wholesale prices.   Effortlessly download the Option B Order Form and supply our representative all the details of your desired metal barn package.

Option B pays only $800 Above True Wholesale Metal Barn Prices

Wainscot is a newly added priced accessory in Option B.  Due to popular demand in OPTION C Custom Quotes, we found a way for our customers to enjoy wainscot for the lesser fee in OPTION B Metal Building Prices.  When our buyers show up ready to buy, they are clearly adhering to the structure of our wholesale buying program.  In order to sustain these low prices for the public, we must have a way to streamline our business.  It is the customer’s preparedness which supplies this.  As we are able to cut our business costs, there simply is no need to mark up metal barn prices or metal building accessories.

Take your time shopping the website and getting clear on your new metal building order.  When you are ready for a guaranteed under-the-market metal barn price, submit your order form.  Give our representatives a call if you find that you have a question requires an answer not supplied on the website.  We are always happy to assist you in taking your metal building purchase to the finish line.