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Steel Buildings in a Circular Economy

Steel buildings are a foundational element of the circular economy.  If this term is new to you, just equate it to reduce-reuse-recycle.  Our youth will have been brought up in this mindset.  Perhaps you are one of these younger generations in search of alternatives to building materials as you adventure into young adulthood and beyond.

The older generations may have been guilted into the recycling years by their grandchildren.  It’s simply a way of life for our globally, consciously aware, younger entrepreneurs and budding homeowners.  We know you want to co-create a sustainable future by making choices within an economy where waste is minimized.

Did you know that more steel is recycled than all other recyclable materials combined?  Your choice to have steel buildings your building of choice attends to this purpose.  Recycled steel goes into your new steel buildings.  Whether you are choosing to use I-beam steel buildings for home, business, play, storage, agricultural or commercial, you will be playing your part in reducing raw material use and minimizing the effects on your natural surroundings.

In addition to using recycled and recyclable steel for your steel buildings, rest assured that the building will last for decades.  Basically maintenance-free, expect to save expenses that would normally go to annual maintenance on a wood frame, painted homes, etc.  Steel is resistant to fire, rot, and infestation.  Wall and roof sheeting is galvanized further resisting from rust.  Main frames and secondary framing supports are normally coated with a short-term red-oxide primer.  When you request to have them galvanized the duration of rust resistance is greatly increased.  Steel buildings offer incredible durability and strength.

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