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Choose Your Markup on Wholesale Metal Building Prices

steel building barn

Pay less by choosing your profit OPTION at Integrity Building Sales. We, along with our affiliates, have created a no-haggle metal building pricing program which allows the customer to pay only $500 above cost on Option A Blowout Deals.

Coming soon are pre-priced steel building packages with accessories included. Find the closest match to your desired metal building size and local snow and wind speed codes. In Option A, write down the price on the Blowout Deal you prefer.

Visit the Colors page and decide if you chose to change your colors. Then, go on to the Shipping tab and find the city closest to your erected building site. Your metal building will be delivered to the exact site you prefer, for now get the Estimated Shipping Cost for the sake of cooperating with Option A. This is how you pay only $500 above actual cost, simply by completing your homework and being prepared to pay the profit amount upon receipt of verified savings.

Integrity Building Sales guarantees to save you money and keep you under the market. Plus, will give you one additional feature more than other offers. Be sure to shop spec for spec when asking for quotes and comparing prices. Wholesale simply is the lowest metal building prices you’ll find. Why pay more?

If you don’t find the Blowout Deal which is a match to your preference, simply move to Option B. Here you may customize your steel building kit a bit more, by choosing the accessories, steel building roll up doors, and insulation. Write down all prices and total up your metal building cost. Tack on the Estimated Shipping Cost. For only $800 above your total delivered cost, you’ve now got your own SELF QUOTE.

Comparison shop if you wish, or simply take your project to the finish line. Integrity appreciates folks who keep their word regarding paying their profit amount the day of receiving their formal quote. Ready Buyers buy wholesale. Shoppers go retail…it’s that simple.